With our software you can reach and support your customers in and outside of your studio - everything is easy to implement, customized and of course always up to date with the latest technology

Welcome to a new era of digital possibilities

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From close customer loyalty through your own studio app and smooth employee communication to innovative information with reimbursement options and increased sales, our premium package with extensive and rich features gives you everything you need for sustainable success.

  • Complete studio networking

  • State-of-the-art touch displays

  • Child's play Plug & Play

  • WLAN-enabled technologies

  • Integrated advertising playlists

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fitness nation ❘ app

Your app for studio presentation, sales increase and member retention

Our state-of-the-art studio app, customized to your studio design, includes everything you need for support, member retention and customer acquisition: studio community, livestreaming, online workouts, workout planning and much more. You can customize it to meet the specific needs of your studio – for example, with your own online store, booking options and direct payment processing.


Own studio app 100% customized with own display icon | Individual features | Member retention & communication | Online store, marketing, training & administration combined in one app

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fitness nation ❘ member

fitness nation ❘ member

Manage everyday studio life and simplify structures

With fn I member, managing members, work schedules and appointments in one software is child’s play. Members can make trainer appointments, course bookings and trial workouts directly online, in the studio app or at info terminals in the studio. All processes are documented and processed in clear analyses and reports: The complete studio operation at a glance!


Member Management | Membership Management | Analyses & Reports | Access Controls | Assignment of Rights | Online Appointments | Work Schedules | Appointment Bookings | Online Trial Trainings

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fitness nation ❘ tv

Profit center including ultimate motivation and entertainment for your members

With the unique entertainment program, there is no room for boredom: Your members are optimally entertained and receive valuable information about sports, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition as well as the latest information about your studio! You can create your own playlists or access perfectly prepared playlists including your own studio slots. Build a new profit center in your studio in no time and use our reimbursement system for advertising slots to generate revenue.


Playlist Management | Course Schedule Announcements | Team Introductions | Community Postings | Daily News | DPA Sports & Lifestyle News | Fitness Magazine | Sharing Challenges | Design Template | Reimbursement System | Advertising Platform

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fitness nation ❘ training

A variety of training plan templates and videos for individual workouts are available. With the Studio App, your members always have all the information at their fingertips, can train with the Virtual Coach, and benefit from automatically adjusted training weights. In addition, the trainer call offers the best individual support.


Trainer Call | Course Bookings | Health Check | Exercise Library | Workout Generator | Course Management | Virtual Coach | Appointment View | Appointment Management | Trainer Tablet

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fitness nation ❘ sale

fitness nation ❘ sale

Cashless counter, vending machine, and online sales implemented in no time at all

Do you want to increase sales with your own online store and retain members with an attractive loyalty program? This innovative technology makes it easy to do just that. It allows you to set up your own online store, including automated reordering and dropshipping. Sales are thus processed securely and digitally.


Cashless counter sales | Payment via QR code or RFID reader | Own online store | Automated reordering and analyses

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The solutions for successful optimization and digitalization of your daily studio routine.

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