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Whether it's access control, member information and support, or vending, our hardware will keep you miles ahead of the competition. Our multifunctional devices are all fully customizable and branded to your studio.

Your start into a digital future begins now - with our Hardware

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With our digital products, specifically developed for the fitness and health industry, we make your business a little more successful every day.

  • Complete studio networking

  • State-of-the-art touch displays

  • Child's play Plug & Play

  • WLAN-enabled technologies

  • Integrated advertising playlists

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fitness nation | bodycheck

Member support and training planning at the touch of a button

Innovative Bodycheck scale for fast, precise results and training recommendations. Direct transfer of the measurement to the member profile of the studio’s own app and link to individual recommendations for action. QR code scan; RFID sensor.

Self Service Bodycheck I Data import into member profile I Individual support I Automated training control

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fitness nation | vending

fitness nation | vending

Innovative vending system with perfect product presentation

The digital vending machine with innovative vending system automates the processes that until now have cost you and your team a lot of time and effort. Reduce your personnel costs through automated reordering and MHD consideration and sell your products without the risk of theft! With our holistic concept you can take your sales to the next level!

Digital vending machine | automated processes | cashless payment system | 55‘‘ touch display

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fitness nation | terminal

Multifunctional and fully customizable

The perfect all-rounder to place all important information in a marketing effective way: With our digital stele with touch function, you can reach your members with your studio information, info on cooperation partners and on your studio store as well as with all the latest news conveniently and without much effort. In addition, studio playlists can be transferred automatically – for innovative member communication and marketing at the highest level.

55‘‘ Touch Stele | touch function | automatic transfer of studio playlists | presentation of relevant info

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fitness nation | access

Member support and training planning at the touch of a button

This 8 inch touch screen is ideal for indoor digital supervision. The Megapad allows you to control access to doors and equipment and provides frictionless access to the exercise library, WODs, etc. It also provides lightning-fast accessibility to trainers through the Trainer Call in the outdoor area:

13.3‘‘ screen with touch function | for outdoor use | megapad for access control at outdoor doors | digital training support | 16 GB memory | 1920*1080 resolution | Android operating system

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fitness nation | tv

Uncomplicated and technically simple solution for transferring Studio TV playlists to digital screens.

Uncomplicated and technically simple solution for transferring Studio TV playlists to digital screens. With only 2 steps the program is transferred to the selected TV – plug in the stick, connect the stick to the internet and immediately the individual Studio TV appears for the perfect presentation of cooperation and advertising partners, member communication and customer loyalty.

Easy to use | Connect to digital screen | HDMI TV Stick Android 9.0, 4G RAM, 32G ROM DUAL, WIFI | USB Adpater | Wireless Network | WiFi Dongle for HdMI TV Stick


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The solutions for successful optimization and digitalization of your daily studio routine

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Your success is our goal!

Fit One

"We had not expected such terrific feedback from our members. The new Studio TV immediately caught our eye and offers unique entertainment value. In addition, we can provide our members with relevant studio news much better."

BestFit Group

"By placing different content in certain studio areas, we can reach our members in a topic-specific way. In particular, the insertion of merchandise and shakes in the counter area has fueled our cross-selling."

J+ JUST MORE Fitness

"The choice of content is huge. It makes our Studio TV more varied and interesting. The ease of use lets us quickly insert and share our own content, saving time and ensuring a smooth broadcast."